Just because I know you’re all going to miss Big Al Reynolds when he’s gone – and sadly, he soon will be – here’s a shot of him and his soon-to-be-ex-wife, Star Jones, in happier times.

But given Star’s filing for divorce, if I could caption this photo, it would read: "Someone, please help! Get this shriveled succubus off me! I … don’t know … how much … longer … I can … smile without… screaming!"

But I’ll just let his frozen smile speak for itself. Hey, who knows what really went on behind closed doors. But somehow, I think we’ve all learned an important lesson from what little we know of Al: living a perfect "sponsored" life in the limelight isn’t worth selling your immortal soul.

Plus, you just know that every time they had a fight, Miss Star raided the fridge to lay on the guilt. After all I gave up for you! (100 pounds?) And after our free wedding too! Booohoohoohoo.

Photo: Star Jones spreads her wings and tries to fly off with her hunky Big Al in October 2007.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead