The Weinstein Company’s new movie “Bully,” which is currently receiving lots of buzz not only for its frank look at the problem of bullying in this country but also because of the MPAA rating controversy, has released a series of public service announcements from various stars, talking about the bullying issue.

In the above video, “Walking Dead” star Norman Reedus, with his arm around son Mingus, says, “It can be very scary to stand up to bullies. Scary to everyone … but when one person stands up, the odds are really good that others are gonna stand up too. So tell your teacher, your coach, your friends and your parents. It’s time to take a stand.”

Below, actor Charles Grodin, known for “The Heartbreak Kid” and “Beethoven,” says, “I think the message that must get out there is that the people who are to be pitied are the bullies. The bullies are the cowards. Anyone who has to pick on someone else to make themselves feel OK is a coward. Once we start to identify the people who are doing the bullying as the weak people and not the strong people, that might get over to people.”

You can watch a PSA from Tiki Barber at AskMen and a PSA from Kathy Griffin at Perez Hilton’s website. “Bully” opens in select theaters on Friday, March 30.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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