bunheads episode 5 'Bunheads' asks Paper or Plastic in Episode 5, plus more boy dramaOn the Monday, July 16 episode of ABC Family’s “Bunheads,” get ready for the most bizarre ballet you’ve ever seen: it’s called “Paper or Plastic,” and it has a very environmentally friendly message.

“There’s a nature dance coming up,” star Emma Dumont tells Zap2it on a recent visit to the show’s Los Angeles set, “and it is about recycling and saving the Earth.”

Dumont, who plays young ballerina Melanie, says it was her favorite dance of the season. “I kid you not, one of the characters in the dance is a tote bag. That is my favorite dance. I played a tree, and I was the best damn tree there was!”

Of course, there’s also some boy drama among the small-town ballet students. Sasha, the resident mean girl, develops a crush on Boo’s older coworker, Godot (Nathan Parsons). Star Julia Goldani Telles tells Zap2it that it’ll cause drama between the BFFs.

nathan parsons bunheads 'Bunheads' asks Paper or Plastic in Episode 5, plus more boy drama“He’s the son of Nina and Rico, who own the local oyster bar,” Telles says. “He’s
always off surfing and traveling the world, and he plays like this
sexy surfer man.”

A “cah-ute” older man, as Telles puts it — how can a rebellious teenager resist? “He just plays this really cool, calm character, but
he’s really charming. I think Sasha admires that he’s not into
her, and that he doesn’t really pay attention to her because that’s what
she wants. She wants hard to get. She likes a challenge, and he’s a
total challenge.”

It’ll cause a little rift between Boo and Sasha because Godot is friends with Boo. “Godot sees Boo as a little sister, and they’re
close. Sasha thinks that it’s love, and she gets really mad. She doesn’t understand how, because Sasha’s always kind of been — I
mean, Boo’s always been the underdog a little bit to Sasha in ballet.
So that’s the dynamic Sasha’s used to. So it blows her mind that a guy
can like Boo over her, but Boo’s very likable.”

While Sasha’s rebellion is inspired by Godot, it obviously has a lot to do with her turbulent home life too. “She’s just trying to get into her sexuality a little bit more, trying to get into her body,” Telles says. “She’s trying to figure out who she is, and I think a lot of that, especially at an age where there’s a lot of insecurity about appearance, is trying to look more mature.”

“Bunheads” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on ABC Family.

Posted by:Jean Bentley