bunheads 320 'Bunheads' recap: Fanny Flowers Will Have Her RevengeFanny’s still gone, so you might as well turn back now.

But if we must: Michelle discovers a leak in the roof of the studio, which is never explained, and calls in a one-eyed plumber from Stars Hollow to fix it. Instead of the leak, he fixes Truly’s broken heart! She contemplates leaving behind her sick obsession with a dead married man, which I guess is healthy but care about only marginally more than Michelle, who really could give a crap about Truly’s emotions, even after all this time of them being horrible to each other.

Michelle takes the girls out for a gluttonous buffet, which brings all their many body and food issues to the fore, but in that fake way where they’re more like punchlines and less like problems this show is totally obsessed with. A few million mixed messages later, Michelle has convinced Ginny — mostly through her creepy tales of being an elementary school hussy — to dump her gay boyfriend. This sends her mother Claire (the awful real estate lady) to attack Michelle physically, as the gay boyfriend is the only one keeping her house together ever since her husband left her shrewish ass. It’s uncomfortable in so very many ways, and doesn’t — as usual — seem to understand that.

About 3/4 of the way through the episode, Sasha steals a shirt from Michelle and they have a short fight which ends well for all concerned but, combined with Claire’s attack above, puts Michelle into a thumb-sucking meltdown. Luckily she is nursed back to health by Boo’s mommy Nanette in a very ****ed-up scene that could come from adult baby porn in which Nanette pets her like a dog and force-feeds her kindergarten food, but whatever, it does the trick. As usual, Nanette should be focusing on her own daughter, as Boo’s codependent little heart has been broken yet again by Charlie, who this week is excited by the news that Ginny needs a new gay boyfriend.

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