bunheads 320 'Bunheads' recap: Septic Tank GirlWell, Fanny does not take the news that Michelle inherited everything very well, and puts on quite the operatic show of passive aggression (and aggressive aggression) to make sure everybody knows it… Especially after Ginny’s psychotic mother, Claire the real estate agent, shows up to cough on the petri dish. Terrified by the stresses of home ownership — and the underlying concept of putting down roots anywhere, ever — Michelle takes Hubbell’s Mustang out for a ride, runs afoul of more quirky-as-**** small-town nonsense, and eventually meets a rich dude with the tackiest faux-finished piece-a-crap Tuscan Sunrise McMansion you ever did see. The mosaic-tile fireplace and gigantor telescope alone are like a Target barfed a Pier One; I am not even exaggerating and it’s not even really the kind of thing I generally notice, but Jesus.

The leisurely pace at which the show moves continues to seem like an experiment or a dare of some kind, but it’s a pleasant one. Sutton Foster and Kelly Bishop are fantastic, the former especially this week; there are still zero Sean Gunn sightings; and the humor is a lot more relaxed. A few scenes and jokes are still dodgy and/or anachronistic, but the emotional throughlines continue to be insightful and moving, even occasionally breathtaking. And during the moments that you’re not utterly mesmerized by Sutton Foster doing her impression of a — strikingly beautiful — pelican on stilts, it’s inordinately helpful to just think of it as if your friend’s funny weird mom wrote a TV show. Because that is essentially what has happened here.

On the Bunheads side: Boo has a crush on Ginny’s brother Charlie, so Sasha tortures her endlessly, so Melanie and Ginny talk about what a bitch Sasha is — like that’s a new thing they just noticed — and Boo sticks up for her, which just pisses off eavesdropping Sasha even more. Melanie’s mom is adorable, Boo’s mom is fantastic, and of course Sasha’s mom is a Real Housewife made of marble and plastic who is married to a homosexual. Sasha’s got it rough, but not so rough that she deserves to be treated well.

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