bunheads s1 finale 1 'Bunheads' Season 1 finale spoilers: Boy drama and hospitalization    and Fanny dances!As in most shows starring teenage girls, the Season 1 finale of “Bunheads” features plenty of boy drama. But the high school dancers aren’t the only ones dealing with relationship troubles — read on for more of what to expect as the dance company stages its annual “Nutcracker” performance.

Sasha makes her way back to dance. You didn’t think the cheerleading thing would last, did you? But Fanny already enacted the contingency plan she had in place in case her star student continued on her prodigal journey. Will she be able to re-claim her lead role in the ballet?

Speaking of “The Nutcracker”: it’s a very important fund-raiser for Fanny and makes the bulk of her yearly income, so it’s very important it doesn’t get screwed up. (Obviously it gets screwed up.) But it’s not all bad — Zap2it has an exclusive clip of Fanny (Kelly Bishop) making her official “Bunheads” dance debut in the Nutcracker.

Michelle is still mourning her late husband, but a flirtation at the bar seems like it could get serious. Maybe. For a second.

Fanny is having problems with her boyfriend of 30 years — and they have to do with their commitment issues. You’d think a couple that has been together for three decades would’ve maybe moved past the commitment issues nearly three decades ago, but you’d be wrong.

Boo gets some guts. She does something to win over the object of her affection that could cause permanent trauma and social devastation, or it could work out in her favor. Let’s just say you’ll probably sigh in relief once you see the results. (Phew. She deserves some happiness.)

There’s a weird dream sequence toward the end of the episode. Just giving you a heads up. On the bright side, there are some fun “Nutcracker” dances and a song-and-dance number by Sutton Foster, so you won’t be disappointed.

The ending is a bit of a bombshell. It’s not exactly a cliffhanger, but things will certainly be left up in the air as to what could happen when the show returns in the winter. Sound mysterious? Good.

Are you looking forward to the “Bunheads” finale? What do you want to see before we leave Paradise?

Posted by:Jean Bentley