bunheads girls abcf 'Bunheads' ups the diversity in new episodes with two new characters“Bunheads” has received plenty of criticism for its all-white cast and general lack of diversity,
but the ABC Family dance dramedy is adding two new characters for the
second half of Season 1 that will add some color to the landscape in
Paradise, Calif..

Casting directors are currently looking for two actors to play 15-17-year-old siblings of African-American, Latina, Asian, Indian or Native American descent. Maggie and Jack is  are super close siblings who share a love for things off the beaten path.

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Maggie is described as “an ‘indie Winona Ryder,'” and both siblings are bright, quirky and march to the beat of their own drum, generally alongside their sibling. The large recurring roles don’t require the actors to be expert dancers, but experience certainly helps.

Presumably, they’ll be new students at the dance studio run by former Vegas showgirl Michelle and her mother in law Fanny, although Michelle left town in the midseason finale so her fate is still unknown.

“Bunheads” will return for more new episodes in 2013.

Posted by:Jean Bentley