burger king japan extra bacon Burger King Whopper with 1050 pieces Of baconYou think we have fast food issues in the United States? While Burger King is (finally) adding healthy choices to it’s American menu, Burger King Japan is adding bacon. For 100 Yen (which is around $1.25) you can add 15 extra strips of bacon to your Whopper.

That’s a lot of meat candy, right? That’s nothing. Japanese website Rocket News decided to pay 7000 Yen or $86.85 to add 1050 strips of bacon to their Whopper and filmed someone attempting to eat it. No word about whether or not they’ll film the inevitable heart attack that will result.

What do you think of this over the top food stunt? Do you want the extra bacon option here or are you happy that they’ve added wraps and salads? Watch the video and weigh in below.

Posted by:jbusch