burger king mcrib bk rib gi Burger King's McRib alternative the BK Rib debuting on Summer menu

Burger King is going to war with McDonald’s once again, and this time it’s doing it with pork. At least they call it pork. Who really knows with these things? The fast food chain is set to announce the limited time only introduction of their new pork sandwich, the BK Rib.
The sandwich seems very similar to another fast food pork sandwich, the McRib. McDonald’s has created a very profitable product in the McRib based on simply marketing it as a “limited time” option, with McRib season rolling around at random intervals.
Burger King will offer their sandwich beginning May 21, running through the summer. Then they will take another cue from McDonald’s and it will disappear from stores. Other Summer additions to the Burger King menu, according to USA Today, include a pulled pork sandwich, sweet potato fries, a line of Carolina BBQ sandwiches, a BBQ chicken salad and a selection of desserts based around Oreos.
Whether the BK Rib can unseat the McRib as the most prominent fast food pork sandwich remains to be seen, but McDonald’s has cultivated a very loyal audience for their product. So far, no word on when the McRib will make its next appearance. However, the Golden Arches have announced three new additions to their Quarter Pounder menu.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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