burn notice meta golding alan dale 320 'Burn Notice': Double edged swordFi finds this week’s client — a knock-off artist who did a forgery job that his unseen client now wants to kill him for. Michael and Fi follow the trail to a plastic mold that tells them someone is planning to steal a sword that belonged to Alexander the Great from a local software CEO.

Sam realizes they’re tracking an all-but-invisible international master thief known as “Mr. Slippery.” Since this is obviously going to be an inside job, a security guard emerges as the prime suspect.

They’re all ready to foil the heist, but when their prime suspect ends up dead and the job gets pulled off early, they have to readjust in a hurry. Fortunately, they catch the thief — a member of the CEO’s inner circle who’s not a “Mr.” at all — and the sword is recovered. And the client gets to look forward of a long life of ripping off high-end designers.

Meanwhile, Jesse’s working on getting some information out of Kendra, who is proving less than cooperative …

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