tim matheson burn notice 320 'Burn Notice': Everybody SCREAMS for Larry's returnTim Matheson returns to “Burn Notice” and reprises his role as one of my favorite foils to Michael. If only everybody could use their indoor voices for the duration… that would be great.

Getting into a hot tub with the one person who can get you back on the straight and narrow… yeah, I’d suck it up and do it. Of course, the details as to why Michael’s stealing flight plan data continue to elude him. This, as it turns out, will be the least of his problems in the end, as he returns home to a dead hitman in his living room and not-dead Larry waiting in the loft. If you thought identity theft only happened to average people, Michael finds out that one burned spy will do it to another for a cool $2 million.

Fi and Sam are inevitably dragged into Michael’s reindeer games; she’s called on to spy on Carlos and the drug cartel that’s missing its millions while Sam flashes his SEAL credentials to gain access to the Coast Guard. Naturally, Carlos is upset at Larry (acting as Michael), who wants him dead. The focus shifts to Larry’s patsy, a (bad) magician by the name of Jack. When some of Carlos’ henchmen come to take everybody out, our new merry gang decide to Peter Pan off the high balcony onto a waiting mattress in the pool below. Poor Jack survives, but with a broken foot. The game has now changed to convince Carlos that the stolen money was an inside job.

dash mihok burn notice 320 'Burn Notice': Everybody SCREAMS for Larry's returnTo accomplish this, they dress up dead hitman and send Carlos to “take him out.” It seems easy enough, as our cartel head uses mighty firepower to eliminate the inner threat, but life is never this easy for Michael. You see, the natural greed of not-dead Larry is too powerful for anyone to contain, which leaves the trunk of the hitman’s car filled with funny money. Larry’s nefarious plan runs much, much deeper, as he plays multiple mind-tricks with Michael… getting Sam AND Fi to turn against him by YELLING EVERY SINGLE WORD! He even tries to off Jack, but Michael shoots him in the hand. This leads to Larry half-hearted effort to share the $2 million with him, which enrages Michael to the point where he’s YELLING EVERY SINGLE WORD! Of course, once the shouting ceases, Michael does agree that the Carlos situation has to be resolved once and for all.

Knowing our Mr. Westen like we do, he double-crosses the double-crosser. Instead of splitting the money, he returns it to Carlos behind Larry’s back, who in turn gets stuck with nothing more than a dummy bomb and funny money. Lucky for Larry, Michael called in the bomb threat under Larry’s new (stolen) ID, causing him to be the hero and letting Michael slip away the victor once again.

Our B-story finds Nate returning to Miami a happily married man. Seems the younger Westen found love at the blackjack tables in Vegas and brought her to Florida to meet the family. Madeline tries her best to spin the situation positively, but when Ruth becomes an even bigger pain than her boys could ever be, she happily rejects their call to move her to Vegas.

In the end, Michael narrows the flight plan data to one specific flight that Gilroy wanted tracked, but when he lies about the true intent of the mystery flight, we return to square one as we fade to black.

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‘Burn Notice’ gets a fourth season

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