jeffrey donovan burn notice devil you know 320 'Burn Notice' finale: Michael and Management play Simon SaysThe third season of “Burn Notice” wraps with Michael coming face-to-face with those willing to clear his name, and those ready to bury him even deeper in the madness.

The great revelation here is that while Michael may actually have been a super spy, his presumed resume (mostly) belonged to the infamous Simon, who we find has a flair for the dramatic. You see, after Michael is forced to flee the cops, hijack a jet ski, sleep in the wild overnight, bust a car for clothes and a cell phone, and raid the emergency emergency weapons storage locker… he finds himself plastered all over televisions in a nearby store. Every television is playing out video from what appears to be targeted attacks all over the world. Simon’s upset that while he did all the grunt work, it was Our Man Westen getting all the credit. Quite simply, Michael needs to hook Simon up with Management, or else one of Miami’s thousands of hotels will explode.

Fi and Sam, while they’d rather Michael just stop all this Simon nonsense, are willing to help if Michael can function as part of a team. Sam’s already warned him his loft is crawling with FBI agents, so he sets about finding the hotel bomb with Fi, who herself is roughing up biker gangs to get the name of Simon’s accomplice. They even go as far as ramming Keith the bombers house and getting him to release the location of the device: the Epic Hotel. Our lovely duo makes it in time to defuse the larger threat, though they don’t quite totally disable the device, causing a moderate blow-up in the storage area.

Meanwhile, Simon pulls up near Michael’s loft, still encouraging him for a one-on-one with John Mahoney. It takes nearly 10 minutes of Michael swimming the canal, entering his loft from the roof, snatching the phone and number for Management, and then convincing him that they do it his way before he can move on. Management is clearly skeptical of Michael’s plan, but is willing to go along for the moment.

All this time, Madeline is trying to flee the city when the FBI enter her house and begin the hard questioning. She initially plays hard to get, what with the warning call to Michael and the mall misdirect… but that’s before the FBI pulls out Michael’s immense file. While she may have an understanding of what her son is up to, the agents assure her that taking the fall for him is the dumbest move she can make. Once they learn of the Epic Hotel explosion, they give her one last chance to confess, but when she doesn’t, she’s arrested.

The showdown in Downtown is set… or is it? Our Happy Trio scope out the scene, but once Management’s chopper lands on the roof, Simon happily takes over by blowing the helipad (and chopper) to pieces, allowing for him to take out Michael and have Management all for himself. Not going down without a fight, Our Man Westen stabs Simon in the leg, then flees the scene (ultimately taking a ride down a trash chute to the ground. Simon escorts Management to a waiting ambulance, where the chase is on! Simon almost gets away, except Michael nearly sacrifices himself by t-boning the ambulance and engages in the most epic hand-to-hand-combat yet. The police arrive, but before he disappears, Management dissuades Michael from killing Simon. The bad guy laughs as he notes Management has Michael in a chokehold of their own.

In the end, Madeline is set free, but not before finding out Michael is no longer in FBI custody. In fact, no one seems to know where he is. We end on the shot of his face being uncovered… in the sitting room of a fancy apartment!? Yeah, June can’t come soon enough to reveal where exactly he is!

Posted by:Brandon Millman