bruce campbell cropped 'Burn Notice' finale: watch an exclusive clip“Burn Notice” is about to leave you on the edge of your seat when it’s season finale airs on Thursday, December 15th and we’ve got an exclusive clip for you.

Fan favorite Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell) spends a lot of time in a Hawaiian shirt, but that doesn’t mean he can’t kick some serious butt when he wants to. In this clip, we get to watch him do just that after a very interesting building entrance.

In the finale, we see Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) running an official CIA
team and trying to clear Fiona’s name. Shippers will love this one, we’re told. The show is going to end on a cliffhanger that will leave you desperate for Season 6.

Check out the clip below and give us your thoughts. Also, if Gabrielle Anwar wants to share her workout routing, we’d be thrilled. Check out the shot of her guns half way through. Jealous!

One more piece of fan-tastic news. You can chat live with Bruce Campbell during the East Coast airing on USA’s Character Chatter! Bonus!

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