Strickler offered Michael a job that would help him get rid of the burn notice. Hey, what's this string doing on this offer? And someone wants to kill Fiona.

Michael & Diego & Strickler
Diego tells Michael that

the CIA Deputy Director got Michael's file landed on his desk, courtesy

of Strickler. There's going to be a review of Michael's case, see if

the burn notice can be lifted. Michael goes to see Strickler about his

review and Strickler says he'll have to be coached on how to pass it.

He gives Michael a file to study that says he helped a warlord from

Somalia, which accounts for his time in Africa. Michael balks at

hopping in bed with a warlord.

Michael & Fiona & Sean
Fiona comes by Michael's place for one of her guns. She's going back to Ireland because they have no future together. Michael says he'll drop the gun off when he finds it. As he lovingly caresses it. Oh, the metaphors.

When he brings the gun by, Fiona's brother Sean is there to ask Michael to help protect Fiona from a killer. Michael slips back into his cover from Ireland, Michael McBride from Killarney (because that's what Sean knows him as). Apparently, Thomas O'Neill is a radical who is after Fiona and he conveniently shows up right that second.

The Irish Tenors run for it out the backyard and head for the safe house Sam secured for them. It's a fancy-schmancy mansion foreclosure, nice. Michael orders Sean and Fi to lay low while he and Sam track O'Neill (who killed Sean and Fi's baby sister Clare).

Sam secures O'Neill's interpol file. All three pages of it. Interpol likes him for 12 bombings in Europe, but can't pin anything on him. One of O'Neill's money guys just bought a condo in South Beach, so they're off to investigate. They find O'Neill there (along with about 10 other dudse) and happen to spot Fiona tailing O'Neill. Ooooh, she's in trouble.

So what does Michael do? He jumps a beautiful 50s Buick Skylark (as one does) off the roof in order to intervene in Fiona's ambush. She manages to get away. The car is ruined. Sad, that sucker was cherry.

Sean and Fiona are actually remorseful and agree to Michael's plan that he's going "undercover" as an American who has a deal for O'Neill. Michael's deal is that he's posed as an arms dealer who has monitored communications between Fiona and Sean and knows about O'Neill's plan to kill her. He says he can make Fiona appear for them but then needs someone to fill her spot in his company once she's dead. O'Neill says thanks, but no thanks. At first.

It takes him abouuuut 15 minutes to come around, so Michael meets him and says he'll give him Fiona if O'Neill delivers a package. O'Neill says he's just going to shoot bits off Michael instead… until three little red scope dots appear on his chest. Heh heh. Once O'Neill agrees, Fiona and Sam turn off their scopes but Sean won't. He thinks he can take them all out. O'Neill pulls a gun and Michael has to walk away. Man, Sean isn't the smartest kid, is he?

Now that Sean has screwed the pooch, the Scooby Gang decides to create O'Neill's signature bomb and use it. Sean then informs them that a guy from back home, Jack Tracy, has information that O'Neill is taking her to Ireland and putting her up for sale to all the people that have a thing for the Glenannes.

So it's bomb-makin' time. Plastic, explosives, rat poison. Yum. They plant the bomb in the back of a van and have to get O'Neill behind the wheel. There's a romantic interlude moment where Michael tries to say good-bye and then BAM O'Neill's guys crash the mansion and take Fiona.

Michael comes to to find Sam and Maddy working on Sean, who was shot. They tend to Sean and Michael runs off to find Fiona. Michael runs to Strickler's house because he realized that O'Neill didn't kill him and that he's got a deal with Strickler. Strickler says that a gun-dealing, bomb-making girlfriend won't help him pass his review and get his job back. Michael shoots him where he stands. Nice.

Michael and Sam track Fiona to Key Biscayne where O'Neil is loading her onto a fishing boat. They plant the O'Neill Bomb on the boat and call the Coast Guard. In the shootout, Fiona takes one to the arm but she's alright.

Michael watches over her at his mom's house. He also has to come clean with Sean, who is cool with it. Sean also says that neither Michael nor Fiona can go back to Ireland. Aw, convenient. Heee. Also, Strickler's body was found with a certain bomb and O'Neill is going down for his murder and the 12 bombings in Europe.

Michael & his Mom
Maddy is selling the house and Michael has his nose out of joint about it. He sees it as his mom pooh-poohing all their memories in the house that she says are so great. She shows him some stuff she ran across when she was cleaning the house and he tries to play it cool, but he cares. Awww. She eventually decides to not sell the house because it's an important safe place for Michael, both literally and figuratively. Awww.

At the very end of the episode, Diego calls Michael in a panic about Strickler being dead and someone coming to town to clean up the mess. He gets Michael to meet him at his apartment, but by the time Michael arrives Diego is dead, appearing to have jumped off his balcony. Hmmm.

What do you guys think? Good season finale? I thought the ending could've been more exciting. It's nice that Fiona isn't leaving (did anybody REALLY think she was going to leave?), but the very end with Diego was anticlimactic for me.

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