burn notice matt nix paley 320 'Burn Notice': Matt Nix teases the season premiere“Burn Notice” is back Thursday (June 3), which means summer is finally here, my friends.

Sure, summer doesn’t actually start until June 21, but in
our book, the “Burn Notice” premiere is what officially kicks off the season.

Korbi TV recently caught up with show creator Matt Nix to find out what we should expect from Michael this time around and he filled us in.

“[At the end of last season] he was led into a prison facility of some kind, and he’s in some room in that prison facility,” Nix tells us in the video below. “He’s meeting someone there. And that character that he meets is played by Robert Wisdom and is the new face of the people that burned him.” 


“He’s had a lot of adversarial relationships,” Nix continues. “He’s had a lot of people threatening him. And then along comes Robert Wisdom’s character — his name is Vaughn — and he’s a different guy. He’s a reasonable man. He’s presenting Michael with a bunch of reasonable propositions and proposes a new relationship.”

But will Michael agree to this?

“Michael warily accepts,” Nix confirms. “And that’s what kicks off the season.”

Can’t wait.

Watch the video for more from Nix on this and the early double season renewal, plus scoop on upcoming guest star Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck‘s mustache too…

The new season of “Burn Notice” premieres Thursday, June 3 at 9 p.m. on USA Network.

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