chris vance jeffrey donovan burn notice friendly fire 320 'Burn Notice': Michael meets Gilroy, Sam takes center stageI am all for Sam-heavy plots on “Burn Notice,” because it’s nice to see Chuck Finley get the opportunity to take down Danny Trejo. Also, we get to personally meet Chris Vance’s Gilroy.

Michael always seems to take two steps forward to clearing that God-forsaken burn notice off his record, but gets knocked 15 steps back just as it seems he’s reaching any sort of resolution. So why would his first face-to-face encounter with the mysterious Gilroy yield any sort of satisfying beginning of the end? Because Americans bore Gilroy, yet he can’t turn away from our Mr. Westen. He’ll continue to watch Michael from afar while our hero goes about saving Miami yet again.

This time, it’s Sam’s turn in the spotlight. He’s moving his stuff from Madeline’s place, as it seems he’s back in good graces with his former lady lover. Enter Mack, a former SEAL member with Sam, now trying to get his reputation back with the Houston PD. Notorious child predator Rincon is on the loose in South Florida, and Mack could sure use Sam’s help… if only our good buddy could get over the fact that his ex-wife shacked up with Mack. We know this is serious because he even declines perfectly good beer. For the children ONLY, he’ll put aside differences and get the bad guy. Sam even offers the services of the Hero Trio.

Their first effort: a simple gang neighborhood watch plan goes awry when the kids suspect Sam and Fi to being la policĂ­a. Michael decides if they’re going to get Rincon, they have to get the barrio gang leader, one Omar Hernandez, to work with them. To achieve this, Michael dresses as the Devil’s right-hand man and makes a splashy entrance. He makes it clearly known to Omar (in his best Clint Eastwood voice) that once he has Rincon, he’ll disappear forever. Omar’s not the trusting type, so Michael decides to scare him into helping by blowing up one car and secretly tracking the other… which leads to Felipe Vega, the head of a rival gang that is slowly invading Omar’s turf. Vega demands his weekly protection payment, but Michael gets to the shipment first.

Of course, Gilroy can’t help but to follow Michael all this time, further infuriating our hero and even Fi. He’ll check back in on his American project later. Meanwhile, Michael returns to the warehouse and simply states (once again) that it’s the shipment for Rincon. The gangbanger wants a few hours to get it done, but all he can do is provide an address where Rincon allegedly is… except, of course, it’s a trap. Luckily, Michael, Sam and Mack can adeptly extract themselves from Vega’s sticky situation and peel out before bullet wounds become the name of the game. Now Mack is upset: Rincon is further away than ever and his career is riding on this one case.

Thankfully, Michael snaps Omar back into shape as they form a temporary good guy/gangbanger alliance to take out the rival gang and child predator. The plan: Omar will cede control of his ‘hood to Vega, which will allow Michael to tag along and ultimately see Rincon inside the deserted bodega. What our bad guys don’t expect is the ice-cream cart wired with plenty of explosives and Michael’s handcuffs containing one weak link, allowing for our hero to take Rincon and stuff his molesting butt into a waiting trunk. In the end, Rincon is shipped back to Houston for trial, while Mack and Sam patch up their differences. Seems Amanda (Sam’s ex-wife) also left Mack. A-plot resolved, Sam reverts back to his beer-sipping ways.

Fi, on the other hand, isn’t quite done chewing out Michael. He’s burning the candle on both ends, which will lead to his untimely end. All she wants is for him to enjoy life a little and stop caving to Gilroy’s every whim… except, much to her surprise, that’s what Michael was doing all along. What she thought was another Gilroy hotel meeting turned into quite the one night lover affair. They kiss! They get naked! Yep, that was hot. The next morning, Gilroy does indeed call Michael with the news he wanted all along: that much work is to be done, now that they’re in business.

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Posted by:Brandon Millman