tyne daly burn notice dark road 320 'Burn Notice' Premiere: Cagney and Lacey reunite to take down insurance scammersGrab your favorite yogurt kids… “Burn Notice” kicks off the second half of the third season with a 80s reunion, hotel rooms en fuego and Jude Ciccolella as the Evil Dad!

Life isn’t easy for Michael Westen. When last we saw our hero, he saved Fiona from certain death and found that Diego did a failed Peter Pan off a hotel balcony. The good news, according to Sam, is that there is no logical way anyone can tie Michael to Diego’s death. However, he makes a new friend, who makes quite the fiery first impression by inviting Michael to a firebombing of a swanky hotel room. South Beach is HOT today!

Meanwhile, before she planned on traveling back to Ireland, Fi was busy booking one last gig: helping a young widow wind her way out of her husband’s insurance scam. To do this, the actual insurance records would be helpful… except even Sam’s charms won’t work on the records clerk. Good thing she’s virtually identical to someone they already know. Yep, Madeline is the reluctant player who joins the game. Once she meets Tina (Tyne Daly, ladies and gentlemen!) face-to-face, the gig becomes more than just work. This makes Michael quite nervous, but now it’s his turn to get his game face on. Playing the role of a slick, sweet-driving country boy, he talks his way into joining the merry insurance scam gang, led by bad boy Ryan. Our victim, Calia, isn’t wanting to play along. If Ryan doesn’t get his way, Calia’s kid gets it in the worst possible way.

Michael kicks the act up a notch, landing a meeting with Ryan’s dad (and head of the outfit), Connor. It’s good to see Jude Ciccolella as the baddie. Anyway, redneck Michael is looking for a management role, which Connor outright objects to… unless he can come up with 10 grand that Ryan failed to collect from a Boca body shop. Naturally Ryan is skeptical, but Michael plays up the badass to a bunch of big biker dudes, even going as far as torching acetylene and a car before the Boca boys pay up. Task completed, Michael proposes an insurance scam called “Deathwish.” In short, a dummy car is placed before a oncoming train. Three cars box in a city vehicle, causing it to crash into the dummy car, which in turn gets plowed by the train. Fi even bugs Ryan’s car remote so they can keep tabs on him. Before Connor can assemble the team, Ryan steals the idea and attempts it on his own. Our hero trio save the car from being smashed to pieces, but not before blowing Michael’s cover, leaving Ryan to brood in his product placed Hyundai.

It goes without saying that Madeline and Tina are quite the pair. Michael is quite discouraged by this, begging his mom not to get too close to the asset. He even repeats the “asset” part ad nauseam to the point that Madeline nearly drop kicks him across the street. Michael doesn’t fare that much better with Fi on the “asset” front, either. This comes back to bite Maddie hard when, because of the failed Deathwish attempt, the only way to take the scam down is by compiling every record tied to it. Tina will most definitely lose her job in the process, and Madeline initially refuses outright to help. When Michael effectively tells his mother that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, she gets on board.

Yep, Madeline’s heart turns to stone as she blackmails Tina into handing over every file. Shaken to her core, she doesn’t even let Michael drive her home. It’s probably just as well, because our hero trio decide to modify the Deathwish by ramming Ryan to the point of having him crash into a city truck. Fi then calls 911 and calls the incident as looking like a scam, while Michael beats him up and Sam slips the incriminating evidence into Ryan’s car. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am. Later, after Calia thanks Michael and Fi, she guilts him into helping Tina… by breaking into the records building and restoring order, thus saving Maddie’s new friend. Hooray!

On the other pressing issue, it seems Michael’s mysterious new friend is sending his love by code. He and  Sam travel to Miami’s Marine Stadium and find a ringing phone with a British-ish voice on it. The friend is playful, even shooting at Michael from afar. It reminds him of a shooting incident at a South American stadium in 1998. When Sam shows up and presents Michael with a cell phone that was waiting for him, the dots begin to connect. Six shots taken at Michael at the Marine Stadium, six dead at the South America stadium shooting. Monaco Silver cologne… it all points to one Mason Gilroy. Upon calling his new friend, Mason decides the prize for figuring out the name is for a little meet-and-greet.

Next week: Michael and Mason meet! Also, Fiona is a little hot for Michael… or is that the other way around? Welcome back!

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Posted by:Brandon Millman