burn notice jeffrey donovan 02 320 'Burn Notice' recap: Blind SpotOn “Burn Notice,” Michael and Jesse are using Simon’s Bible as bait to lure telecom CEO and part-time Bond villain John Barrett down to Miami, which is even trickier than making up a cover story to tell Jesse about how they got Barrett’s name in the first place. After some hijinks with one of Barrett’s hired thugs, their plan works, and Barrett’s in town. With a lot more hired thugs.

As for the Job Of The Week, the client is a widow who got bilked out of her substantial savings by a charming con man who preys on grieving women. Sam goes undercover as a version of Chuck Finley who’s in the same business, to win the con man’s trust and get the client’s money back. It turns out to be rather a bitch to get the con man’s account info, so it calls for him to be drugged to the point of blackout — twice. It also transpires that in order to avoid detection at a crucial point, Fi and Jesse “pretend” to make out. Anyway, the team pulls the same gag on the con man that the Bluths tried with Ira Gilligan on “Arrested Development,” namely making him think he killed someone, but this time it actually works. He gets what’s coming to him and everyone gets their money back. Minus the team’s commission, right?

But there’s bad news. Jesse the brilliant counterintelligence operative has finally, at long last, figured out that Michael was the one who burned him. And he? Is not happy.

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