jeffrey donovan burn notice devil you know 320 'Burn Notice' recap: Cole Hearted KillerMichael wants to talk to Simon about his Bible, but to do that he’s going to have to go through his friendly new handler Vaughn. That actually sounds more violent than it is — at least at first, but some threats are exchanged. As a distraction from all this frenemy drama, Agents Lane and Harris show up asking for Michael’s help. Seems they’ve lost track of a witness they were supposed to be protecting, and now they need Michael to find him. Michael goes about this by tracking the killer who’s after the witness, who unfortunately turns out not to be a pushover. He captures Michael instead, thinking Michael’s a rival hitman out to steal the gig. Michael plays along, and with help from the team, traces the witness to his girlfriend’s house. There, the climactic scene from a more mawkish version of Grosse Pointe Blank plays out as Michael uncovers the hitman’s hidden heart of gold and helps him defeat the eviler hitman, all while rescuing the witness and saving Lane and Harris’s jobs. Aww.

As for Vaughn, he makes Fi an offer behind Michael’s back — the Bible for Jesse’s reinstatement. That’s a soft spot for Fi, but she backs Michael instead. And with a little backup from his new buddies Lane and Harris, Michael finds the leverage to get what he wants from Vaughn — a meeting with Simon. But will Michael’s psyche survive the encounter??? Yeah, I think it will.

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