burn notice bruce campbell 320 'Burn Notice' recap: Hard TimeOn “Burn Notice,” Sam’s got a friend in prison named Juan who’s run afoul of a gang leader named Cruz and thus has a day to live. Sam’s Plan A, to break into the prison, is aborted on the launch pad because the gang members will recognize him. Plan B, in which Michael goes in instead and runs interference for Juan long enough to keep him alive until the guards come to the rescue, proves equally flawed when the guards turn out to be on the take. Plan C, to bust Juan out with a week left on his sentence, goes afoul when Cruz breaks Juan’s leg so he can’t run. So as usual it’s Plan D, in which Cruz is smuggled out, only to be immediately recaptured. And presumably killed by other gang members.

In long-term arc news, Michael gets his meeting with Simon, who directs him to a stash of materials hidden in a cemetery plot. Since Michael’s in stir for most of the episode, it’s left to Fi to dig it up and disarm the booby trap, with assists from Sam and Madeline. The big prize? A recording of a phone call in 2007, when Vaughn can be heard discussing Michael’s then-impending burn notice. Now that Michael knows that Vaughn isn’t the Johnny-come-lately in Michael’s personal drama that he’s always claimed to be, Simon feels ready to tell Michael that the shadowy figure they’re after is actually a famous technology CEO, who’s starting all these wars so he can build the materials to supply them. And if Michael gives that man the Bible, it’ll be the end for Vaughn and his whole organization. Michael tells Vaughn what he learned from Simon — but not everything he learned from Simon.

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