burn notice bruce campbell 320 'Burn Notice' recap: Your List Has Got Me PissedNow that Vaughn knows Michael told everything to Marv and has a list of everyone in his organization (thanks to the e-mail sent out last episode), he wastes no time bringing the hammer down. While Michael, Fi and Jesse are in the middle of trying to hide the list where even they themselves can’t get at it, Vaughn’s men show up and initiate a pursuit that leaves the Charger totaled, Jesse hobbled, and all three of them holed up in a half-built hotel that’s going to be the site of their last stand. Fortunately it’s well-stocked enough with bomb-making equipment to hold the bad guys off for a little while, but not for long.

Their only saving grace is that Sam and Madeline aren’t with them. They’re busy leaning on Rep. Cowley, the guy from the House Intelligence Committee they made friends with back during that episode with the puppet of Burt Reynolds. He’s skeptical, to say the least, but Sam eventually convinces him to help — even if Vaughn is so well-connected that soon the congressman is practically on the lam himself.

Michael, Fi and Jesse lay a trap for Vaughn’s men, only to find out that he’s nabbed Michael’s mom. To save her, Michael hands the list to Jesse so he and Fi can get it out of there while he blows himself up as a distraction. But before he does, Fi joins him, I guess because it takes both of them. Fortunately, right before they have to, Sam shows up with the cavalry. Actually, it’s more like an infantry unit, but the result is the same: Vaughn and his men are busted, and our heroes are saved.

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