burn notice reckoning series finale season 7 'Burn Notice' series finale: 'Reckoning' says goodbye to Michael Westen

“Burn Notice” creator Matt Nix wasn’t kidding anyone when he said that the series would have a bittersweet ending. The show went out with both figurative and literal bangs, with its main characters getting happy endings but also having to say goodbye to one another.

The final episode of Season 7, “Reckoning,” began with the reveal that Michael shot Sonya, not Fiona, after last week’s cliffhanger ending. That means that the man Fi — and viewers — love isn’t actually gone, and that despite his downward spiral while following James, the true Michael wasn’t lost forever.

He did at least show that he wasn’t afraid of death, driving his car into a convenience store to save Sam and Jesse after the store’s employee pulled a gun on them. But Michael should have learned by now that “Burn Notice’s” central cast of characters is a family, and it wasn’t him who ended up having to give a final sacrifice.

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There’s been a lot of discussion about which main character will be the one to die in the “Burn Notice” series finale. It ended up being Michael’s mother Madeline, who blew herself up to take out a squad of James’ men who were coming to kill her, Jesse and Charlie. It’s important that Madeline died of her own free will, instead of being yet another one of James’ victims. She sacrificed herself to save her family, and finally revealed to Michael that she was proud of the man he’d become.

Even after Madeline’s death, James had one final trick up his sleeve. Though Fiona and Michael managed to take out James’ men in a shootout, he had rigged explosives on the building they were in and blew up it up with Fi and Michael seemingly still inside. They were even given a funeral to honor their deaths — but, of course, it was later revealed that the pair had found a way to escape unscathed.

That’s right: in the end, Michael and Fiona finally got their happily-ever-after, but they weren’t the only ones. “Reckoning” ended with Sam and Jesse acknowledging that their friends had escaped, and setting off on their own path together. Who knows, maybe that spinoff starring the duo will happen after all.

In its final season, the episode showed Fi and Mike together in a cabin with Charlie, trying to determine how Michael will one day tell Nate’s son about his life as a spy. “Tell him the truth,” Fiona answers him. “Start from the beginning. Start with: ‘My name is Michael Westen. I used to be a spy.” Everything came full circle for the show, with it finally bidding farewell to Michael while also showing that he ended with a good life.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz