bruce campbell jeffrey donovan burn notice 'Burn Notice' spoilers: Are Michael Westen & Co. leaving Miami? Star Bruce Campbell teases 'outrageous, weirder, scarier' things to come“Burn Notice” is on fire — and star Bruce Campbell promises that things won’t be cooling down anytime soon for Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) and his team.

“There’s going to be stuff coming up that challenges Michael and Sam more than his brother’s death,” says Sam Axe’s alter ego. “Because in order to exact revenge, Michael is going to potentially cross the line.

“Sam’s job as the moral compass is to say, Are we still the good guys? There are going to be some challenging confrontations between the two of them as things get crazy.”

Tonight (Aug. 2) we finally meet Sam’s ladylove, Elsa (Jennifer Taylor, “Two and Half Men”), whose “loser son” is the team’s “client.”

Spoiler alert: This isn’t the last we see of Elsa. “We filmed an episode yesterday where she comes back,” Campbell says. “Our team is on the run, and he’s got to get some final help from his girlfriend — and he’s not sure when he’s going to see her again.”

Considering what showrunner Matt Nix told us last week — that “a lot of what Michael has to do ends up unraveling the fabric of the life he’s made for himself in Miami” — could the team be leaving Miami? More important: Will Sam have to hang up his Hawaiian shirts?

In the wake of Nate’s shocking death, Campbell wisecracks: “I’m a little worried — I’m looking at my contract, going, Am I next? Am I gonna catch a bullet? I hope I didn’t piss off Matt Nix.”

Campbell also warns fans not to skip any episodes: “You could come back and there’s only one character left!”

“Basically the whole season is ratcheting up — getting tighter, weirder, scarier. We have fewer friends, we have fewer places to go, fewer options, which causes us to do very bold and outrageous things.”

“This season the egg is cracked, it’s spilling all over the table,” Campbell says. “We don’t know where this is all going to end.”

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