burn notice neighborhood watch 'Burn Notice': There goes the neighborhoodMadeline and Jesse drag Michael into a job helping out a local clinic that’s being threatened by drug dealers, led by a violent psychopath named Cutler. David, the doctor who runs the place, has been calling the cops, and the team warns him that’s going to get him killed, so maybe he should let them handle it.

The plan is for Michael to go undercover as a fellow drug dealer so they can find Cutler’s stash house and shut it down. But the plan runs into some snags, as Michael’s plans always tend to do, and Cutler keeps escalating things faster than he’s ready for. The team’s ready for all-out war, but with Madeline’s help, Michael hits on the idea of having David face Cutler himself and drive him out of town. And with the support of the team, that’s what happens.

In other news, Michael still has that old tape drive he found in Kendra’s house, but no way to retrieve the data on it. Looks like they’re going to have to ask Kendra about it, if only they can find her.

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