burn notice finale s4 clip 'Burn Notice' two hour finale peek: Can Jesse be trusted?RIP Marv.

On the special two-hour season finale of “Burn Notice” Thursday, Dec. 16 (beginning an hour earlier at 9 p.m. ET), Brennan (Jay Karnes) — who was last seen in the back of a car with men who had just killed Marv (Richard Kind) — is trying to put the pressure on Mike (Jeffrey Donovan) to take out some government agents.

The wounds, they’re still fresh, so Mike is really not happy with this request. But Brennan has the flash drive with the list of burners and is threatening to release some data. Hmm.

You know what also sucks? Larry (Tim Matheson) is pro-killing too. Let’s see how this argument plays out:

Love Sam (Bruce Campbell) and his rebar! He is so sneaky.

Jesse (Coby Bell) isn’t quite that sneaky. It’s very clear he would like to speak to Brennan too, but that’s obviously not the wisest course, or so Sam is quick to tell him. Why do we get a bad feeling from this?

Well, it looks like Jesse’s going to give lying the old college try. Let’s see how convincing he is:

Come back after you watch and let us know if you’re satisfied with how things went down. 

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen