, she’s happy to answer.

"I actually quit that show," Handler wants to clarify. "I wasn’t replaced. I quit because I smelled the disaster happening before it did."

Handler appeared as host of the first two, low-rated, episodes of On the Lot. When the series lurched into its regular weekly episodes, though, Handler was gone, replaced by the frequently maligned Adrianna Costa. Ratings, not-so-surprisingly, haven’t improved in her absence.

"Absolutely, God’s honest truth," she continues. "No, I feel that that was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. I actually have a lot more confidence in my ability to make decisions. But someone said, ‘You can’t quit a Steven Spielberg show. You can’t quit a Mark Burnett production.’ I go, ‘Watch me. Watch me quit.’ You know, it was also in conjunction with this show, and I care a lot more about this show. I think it’s a lot more representative of who I am, and so it was one or the other, and after a while I realized I wasn’t in a show where I was really going to be able to be funny or have a good time."

To Handler’s credit, nobody else has managed to be funny or have a good time on On the Lot either.

Posted by:Daniel Fienberg