Season 2 of the TV version of “Burning Love” premieres on E! Wednesday night (Nov. 13), and in keeping with the shows it parodies, you’ll see some familiar faces from the previous season.

June Diane Raphael, who played love-seeking Julie Gristlewhite in the show’s first season, returns to do the picking among a bunch of guys, just like “The Bachelorette” now only uses past “Bachelor” contestants. Adam Scott is also among the returnees, his Damian Assante having given up his job as the show’s unlicensed therapist to find love.

If you watch “Burning Love” in its web-series form on Yahoo, you know what’s coming. But even if you do, there’s more than enough comedy to sustain repeat viewing.

Take a look at two clips from the E! premiere, which airs at 10:30 p.m. ET Wednesday. The one up top introduces Julie to guys played by Paul Scheer and Scott, and the one below features Colin Hanks as the show’s “luxury lifestyle consultant,” Allison. Yes, Allison.

Posted by:Rick Porter