burning love e television ken marino mark orlando yahoo 'Burning Love': 'The Bachelor' parody jumps from the web to TV

“Burning Love” — quite possibly one of the finest parody web series ever — is about to leave behind the confines of the Internet and make its television debut on E!. Starting on Feb. 25, fans of love, fake reality and sexual innuendos involving hoses can get everything they would ever need without turning on a computer.

Season 1 of this “Bachelor”-based parody centers on fireman Mark Orlando (Ken Marino of “Party Down”). This 34-year-old hunk only wants to find true love while dating a couple dozen women at once. Is the woman of his dreams in the house?

Like “The Bachelor” on which it is based, dreams are not all they’re cracked up to be on “Burning Love.” But some hardcore comedy and an incredible guest cast — including Kristen Bell, Adam Scott, Michael Ian Black, Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston — make this show about far more than romance.

At the same time that “Burning Love” Season 1 airs on E!, the second season of the web series will be airing online at Yahoo Screen. Season 2 follows the “Bachelor” format, meaning that one of Mark Orlando’s castoff women is now at the center of the love free-for-all.

Watch the season 2 preview video here.

“Burning Love” Season 1 premieres on E! Monday, Feb. 25 at 10pm. Season 2 starts airing online on Feb. 14.

Posted by:Laurel Brown