tvpartyw131.jpgIt turns out that Marie Antoinette’s “let them eat cake” quote was debilitating only in its lack of vision. If she had lived in the 21st century, she may have more likely said, “Let them watch cake,” because cake shows are hot right now. And Cake Boss, airing Mondays on TLC, is one of the hottest. Baker Buddy Valastro and his team create edible works of art with virtually no health benefits whatsoever – unless you consider unmedicated bliss a health benefit. So if you love watching people bake cakes (and love eating cake even more), call your friends and neighbors because we are throwing a Cake Boss party!

Setting the scene:
Until Buddy bakes us a coffin-shaped cake, we are going to just dream of what it must be like to live with cakes and icing from the moment we wake up until the time our head hits the pillow. So let’s decorate the room as though it’s a combination of Carlo’s Bakery and an edible fantasyland covered in frosting. Get your hands on a lighted bakery display case and fill it with small cakes (you’ll be baking all night), a commercial-size spiral mixer for the cake batter, some food prep carts with shelves covered with fresh-baked cupcakes, some mixing bowls full of flour and a few icing bags. Continue decorating the room with massive amounts of cotton candy, creative displays of marshmallows and giant cupcakes made with a giant cupcake pan from SkyMall. Then give the pans away as party favors along with some rolling pins.

Chef coats, while not exactly slimming, are stylish enough to be worn to some of the world’s finest restaurants. Some are as inexpensive as $20. Official Carlo’s Bakery chef coats are available for $40.

On the menu:
Do you honestly have to ask? Whether they want it or not, they’re having cake. However, you can mix it up a bit by serving traditional cake, ice cream cake, cupcakes, cake batter, frozen cake and cake batter cookies. Have individual servings of cake batter set aside with personal beaters for everyone.

On the hi-fi:
If I Knew You Were Coming I’d Have Baked a Cake by Eileen Barton, Mac Arthur Park by Donna Summer, Worst Pies in London by Angela Lansbury, Chocolate Cake by Crowded House, Coffee and Cakes by Frankie Masters.

The showstopper:
OK, so you’ve been baking for 48 hours straight just to make this party a success, but you know what? You aren’t Buddy. So call the bakery at (201) 659-3671 and order a cake to celebrate cakes!

Posted by:Michael Korb