Madelinezima_californication_240One could consider the recent announcement of a third season of Californication an early Christmas gift. The fact the renewal came so late in the season may be somewhat discouraging, but let us revel in the celebration of excess that is sex, drugs, rock and roll in the city of angels.

These Spoilers are twistin’ the night away!

Previously… Mia is published, Marcy loves the coke and spends time in rehab, Daisy loves Charlie, Becca has a new love, and Hank hits on Janie while Ashby takes Karen on a date.

Hank awakens to a grinning Mia sitting on top of him. Seems she has the first review of his new writing that she stole. Basically, it’s his best review to date. Mia is so excited, she’s jumping up and down on the bed, even happier that Ashby is hosting her book party. Even Hank can’t believe what a glowing review the newspaper gave.

A gaggle of girls are waiting for Mia’s autograph while Charlie can’t believe what a good review the story got. First and foremost, much to Hank’s chagrin, is his obsession with Daisy. He likes how she efforts a return to simplicity for our favorite agent. Hank can’t believe his ears when Charlie suggests he’s leaving Marcy… after the obligatory legal waiting period, of course. Karen and Marcy arrive, both unable to believe what quality the book was. Becca and Damien beg the adults for permission to stay for the party. Karen relents, but only after many arms are twisted.

Later at the party, Marcy sips her club soda and calls Charlie out on his stress eating when they spot Dani in the distance. As part of the rehab process, Marcy is ready to make amends, yet Charlie isn’t feeling the love, calling his former secretary the outbreak monkey. They happen into a room where Ashby’s guests are freely doing every drug under the sun. Lucky for Marcy, Ashby shoos them away to a more private environment.

Hank is wandering the halls of the manor when Mia flags him down. Annika Staley, the Rolling Stone writer, is back with quite the wacky theory that Hank’s fingerprints are all over Mia’s “book.” When the assembled party realizes that she might blow the lid on what will eventually be a felony, Ashby takes her away to meet Zakk Wylde, whom she has no idea who he is. Alone, Mia admits that Annika has indeed connected the dots between Hank’s moves and the moves of the protagonist in the story.

Karen and Marcy walk and talk about rehab. Marcy senses something’s up with Charlie, what with his stress eating, but she’s centered herself. Karen steers them away from Ashby because he still burns for her. Yes, Marcy has been away for a long time. Out of nowhere, they spy Damien making out with Becca, except it’s not as the Moody child walks up and catches her boyfriend cheating. Karen runs off to chase Becca, handing her drink to Marcy, who overcomes the temptation and pours it out in the process.

In the recording studio, Charlie tells Hank that the rehab propaganda may serve him well. Dani walks in and they catch her up of all his happenings. She senses his need for younger women in which he can be in full control. Her advice: let his freak flag fly and embrace who he might really be. Charlie seems unsure of this advice.

Karen is doing her best to cajole Becca from what seems to be the only working bathroom in the entire manor when Ashby arrives to work his magic, offering backstage passes to an upcoming Slipknot concert if she’ll let him in. To no one’s surprise, she finds men cannot be trusted. Ashby calls her a thing of magic, which helps to cheer her up. Ashby exits, clearing the way for Karen to become all maternal. Becca throws herself quite the pity party, but Karen helps to clear up a few misconceptions for her.

Marcy finds Daisy and pulls her over to a reemerging Hank and Charlie. Hank tries to get Marcy and Charlie alone, but she wants nothing of it. Seems Daisy came with Ronnie, the Vaginatown director. Charlie makes the executive decision that Daisy’s getting out of porn. When Ronnie rebuffs this notion and gets a little fresh with Daisy, Charlie comes to her rescue in front of Marcy, who is painfully out of the loop. Everyone is trying to cover for everyone else, but Marcy puts her foot down and demands nothing but the truth. Charlie comes clean on how he can’t stand the craziness anymore and that he wants a divorce to be with Daisy. Marcy takes her aggression out on Daisy, who bumps into another girl, which launches the mother of all cat fights. Hank decides to put an end to the ruckus once and for all by shooting one of Ashby’s shotguns into the ceiling, causing the old-school chandelier to crash.

After most everyone is gone, Hank and Ashby recap the party when Annika emerges from upstairs to leave. Ashby tells Hank that he covered for him about Annika’s theory that Hank was the man. Karen arrives to say Marcy will be crashing with her. She thanks Ashby for the party and for helping Becca. He moves in for a kiss, but gets blocked by Hank. Just as Karen leaves, Janie arrives fashionably late, revealing stirred up feelings for Hank. All he wants is to fetch Ashby, hoping not to lose the chance to reunite the two. However, he’s already moved on to his next set of girls and drugs. Hank shoos them away and gets Ashby moving downstairs. He makes excuses but ultimately gains his courage and goes with, but not before he does a couple lines and promptly collapses. Hank reaches for his adrenaline shot, which he proceeds to shoot in his leg. This time, though, Ashby’s not responding.

On the season finale of Californication, Ashby is alive and encouraging Hank to get his life back in order; Daisy suggests she and Charlie take a break; Sonja has the baby and Julian (surprise) acts bizarre while Karen scores a sweet job in New York, but Hank isn’t invited to come with.

What do you expect to go down in the season finale? Discuss!

Posted by:Brandon Millman