californication 701 recap showtime 'Californication' Season 7, episode 1 recap: Who is 'Levon'?

Well, if they were looking for a shocking way to kick off the final season of “Californication,” Showtime certainly figured out how to do it. If the end of the Season 7 premiere is to be believed, Becca isn’t Hank Moody’s only child.
After being the worst interviewer ever throughout the episode, college-aged Levon revealed that he is, in fact, the son of Hank. That’s enough to knock the wind out of you. It could also very easily throw a wrench in the works with Hank trying to get back in Karen’s good graces.
At least the writer has a job, though. After the “Santa Monica Cop” movie fell apart, it’s now being adapted into a TV series. Hank is lucky enough to get hired on as a writer on the show. Imagine him in a writer’s room for a minute. That should be interesting.
The newly-remarried Runkles are dealing with their own drama. Charlie’s having a bit of trouble in the bedroom and Marcy is as impatient as ever about it.
Hank Moody’s last stand is off to a solid start and knowing how things usually go, he’s going to crash and burn a couple times before all is said and done. What did you think of “Levon”?
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