miranda hart call the midwife tca 'Call the Midwife': Miranda Hart on Season 3 and her future husband, Matthew PerrySeason 2 of “Call the Midwife” ended with Chummy (Miranda Hart) giving birth to a baby boy, and Hart says her character is taking to being a mom very nicely.

“I’m calling her yummy mummy Chummy,” Hart joked Tuesday (Aug. 6) at the TCA press tour. “I think she’ll be a great mum. She loves [her son]. Because she didn’t have that much love from her mum — she went to boarding school so young — all that love that she needed when she was younger is just pouring out to her son. It’s great, although challenging acting with a 6-month-old.”

“Call the Midwife” will return to PBS in the spring of 2014. Hart says that based on scripts she’s read for Season 3, Chummy is “just loving motherhood and probably still can’t believe she’s found a husband and a family.”

Not everything is perfect, though: “I suppose her bucket list would be to make amends with her mum, for her mother to be happy with her life,” Hart says. “Her mum is freaked by what she’s doing, this upper-class woman. … And maybe combining work and motherhood, which would be a challenge for her in that era.”

As for her own bucket list, Hart says she’d love to work on a feature film in the United States, “even if it’s just one line.”

“And also, I must meet Matthew Perry,” she offers. Why? a reporter asks. “For we are to be married.”

Posted by:Rick Porter