newt callista gingrich Callista Gingrich's hair: Do we love or hate the platinum hair helmet?Newt Gingrich may be the one trying to win hearts and minds in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, but it’s his wife Callista Gingrich — with her coiffed helmet of platinum white hair and tailored suits — has captured American imaginations. Or at least our attention.

Gingrich’s third wife may well be sporting THE hairstyle of this election cycle. In 2008, it was Sarah Palin’s signature pouf. One critic — The Daily Beast’s Robin Givhan — calls Gingrich’s style “prissy” and posits that the impeccable (and seemingly impermeable) bob may actually be off-putting.

“In an era of relaxed dress codes and wash-and-go hair, her style is painstakingly starched from head to toe,” writes Givhan. “If she were to slouch, she just might crack.”

“It’s like she’s a prisoner in her own hair,” writes Slate’s Holly Allen after she spent four hours in a salon chair trying to replicate the look.

In a new “Funny or Die” video, “Happy Endings” star Casey Wilson does her own impression of Gingrich, complete with blonde bob — but doesn’t quite pull off the perfectness of it all:

What do you think of Callista’s hair?

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson