camelot tca 'Camelot' is no 'Merlin': 'This is an adult show'

The legend of King Arthur has been retold and repurposed in film and television almost too many times to count. So when the cast and executive producer of Starz upcoming “Camelot” took questions at the Television Critics Association press tour, most of the talk focused on their new take.

“This is an adult show,” says EP Chris Chibnall. “It’s not really a family show. There are other versions of the story being told in family shows really brilliantly.”

He’s likely referring to BBC and SyFy’s tamer co-production of “Merlin.” And though two shows about Merlin and Arthur might seem superfluous, regardless of tone, Chibnall sees limitless room for storytelling.

“You think you know where the story is going, but we’re going to have a lot of fun,” he says. “This material has so much potential and so many avenues we can go down. The one thing I’m not worried about is more episodes and more seasons. It’s the great legend and the great myth. There’s loads we can do.”

Something they plan on doing is a lot of intra-family murder.

“The season starts with patricide and it ends with fratricide,” says Joseph Fiennes, who plays Merlin, and isn’t particularly concerned with spoilers, given the collective familiarity with the story. “And if we get a second season, it starts with infanticide. There are so many ‘cides’ to this… and sides with an ‘s.'”

For a look at just how adult “Camelot” is, check out the first look at the series, which bows April 1.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell