camelot jamie campbell bower 320 'Camelot' is no more at StarzStarz has canceled its original series “Camelot” after a single season — but not for the usual, ratings-based reasons, or at least not entirely.

The series actually did OK by the cable channel’s standards, premiering to 1.1 million viewers in April and closing with just over a million viewers for its finale earlier this month. The audience ebbed some for the episodes in between and was a good ways below that of Starz’s flagship series “Spartacus.” Still, for a premium service with fewer than 18 million subscribers, those numbers aren’t bad.

Instead, Starz declined to order a second season based on “significant production challenges,” Deadline reports. The site says that scheduling issues with several actors played into the decision.

Starz has a couple new original series on tap for the coming months: “Torchwood: Miracle Day” debuts on July 8, and the political drama “Boss,” starring Kelsey Grammer, is scheduled to premiere in October. A new season of “Spartacus” (subtitled “Vengeance”) is set for January.

Posted by:Rick Porter