Whether “Camelot” works as a series for Starz remains to be seen. But it’s got a pretty strong trailer.

The trailer for the series, which premieres April 1, is up above. It stars Jamie Campbell Bower (“Twilight: New Moon”) as King Arthur, Joseph Fiennes (“FlashForward”) as Merlin and Eva Green (“Casino Royale”) as Morgan in a retelling of the oft-told Arthurian legend.

It’s less magicky and more adult-oriented than a lot of other versions of the legend (but not as grimy as the 2004 movie “King Arthur”), which fits in with the direction Starz is moving with its original shows.

What do you think of the trailer? We’re not sure about the music about halfway in (30 Seconds to Mars’ “This Is War”), but otherwise we like what we see.

Posted by:Rick Porter