arod cameron diaz super bow Cameron Diaz, Alex Rodriguez's Super Bowl date? Please say it's not trueNot very long after Alex Rodriguez and Kate Hudson split, A-Rod may have scored another hot Hollywood blonde. The New York Yankees star was spotted with Cameron Diaz at a CAA Super Bowl bash in Miami this weekend.

OK! magazine is reporting that Cameron was,”grinding on A-Rod.”

]]>According to their source, a tipsy Cameron was being very “fun and flirty” with Alex on the couch.”

Oh, dear. This is how it always starts. A little bubbly, some dirty dancing and before you know it, she’ll be another notch on Alex’s bedpost under that oil painting of himself as a part- man, part-horse (and we know which part) Centaur.
Did we mention they were with that other hot Hollywood couple, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. So it may actually have been a double date. Shudder.
Photos: Getty Images