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Update: The studio (and contract clause) mentioned in this

blog item, DreamWorks Studios,  is

not affiliated with DreamWorks Animation that makes the “Shrek” films. Also, the contract clause for DreamWorks

Studios is for writers releasing non-public information and  is not a ban on

talent using Twitter. Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers have not been banned from

Twitter. Thank God!

Miley Cyrus has stopped tweeting. So has Nine Inch Nails rocker Trent Reznor and British singer Lily Allen

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Now there will be more bailouts as studios begin inserting anti-Twitter clauses in stars' contracts.

]]>Darn! What will we do without leaks from Paula Abdul about quitting "American Idol" or  Ryan Seacrest breaking NBC former Co-Chairman Ben Silverman resigning or Greg Grunberg leaking information about next season’s “Heroes”?

 According to the Hollywood Reporter, a recent talent contract from Disney includes a clause forbidding confidentiality breaches by way of "interactive media such as Facebook, Twitter, or any other interactive social network or personal blog."

Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers — about to pair up for the next Shrek movie — are said to have signed DreamWorks contracts with these anti-Twitter clauses.

What do you think? Are the studios desperately trying to control the release of information about their films and TV shows? 

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Photo: Anti-Twitter trendsetter Miley Cyrus. Credit: Getty Images


Posted by:Elizabeth Snead