Avatar_290 Did you feel the Earth shift a little on Friday, Aug. 21, a.k.a. “Avatar Day.”

That was because fanboys and sci-fi geeks alike were overjoyed after viewing James Cameron’s CGI-meets-live-action 3D, 16-minute trailer of the 20th Century Fox film.

The glimpse whetted the appetites at 102 IMAX locations nationwide and 238 theaters overseas. Terms like “mind-boggling” and “perfect” were bandied about on international Web sites and the head of operations at a London-based IMAX venue told Variety, he never believed that another film could possibly match the box office of “The Dark Knight,” [but] “Avatar” looks as if it might just take things a stage further.”

With all the hullabaloo surrounding the futuristic pic, Cameron has already lined up more 3D work for the technology he’s working with in “Avatar.”

“Sanctum” will be a 3D underwater survival drama that focuses on an expedition of 15 divers who get trapped in an underwater cave system and the subsequent two-day rescue mission to get them out.

“Avatar” won’t hit theaters until Dec. 18, so fans have a while to sing the film’s praises…but what do you think? If you saw the extended trailer, weigh in with your first impressions.

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Posted by:Darcel Rockett