Words of advice to Cameron Diaz:

Don’t wear bright red lipstick and then get all sloppy on champagne at a Golden Globes party where Justin Timberlake, your new ex-boyfriend, is busy flirting with hot young babes. Don’t hang on your former male co-stars like Leonardo DiCaprio. And don’t approach your ex’s table, trying to be all ‘oh-hi-how-ya-doing’. And never go all female doggy on poor Jessica Biel for talking to Justin, as reported in the New York Post. 

The girl can’t help it if every guy at every party was trying to talk to her Monday night. Did you see that dress? Way sexier than your Swan Lake tutu with a top that made you look like a carpenter’s dream (flat as a board). All of this childish jealous behavior will only make you look like a pathetic old lush. Plus there were reporters and photographers there capturing your embarrassing descent into Loserdom. Girl, what were you thinking? This is no way for a presenter to behave!

On the upside, taking off for Ohau with Kelly Slater is a very smart move. Stay on the beach for a while, chill, let your hair get back to blonde and wash off that crimson gash. Life goes on.

Photo Credits: "Number 1, don’t go near his table and 2, don’t follow him to another party and start screaming at Jessic Biel," Leo advises his "Gangs of New York" co-star. But does she listen?
Kevin Mazur/WireImage

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