Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle were spotted having a cozy lunch date at Urth Caffe in West Hollywood.

Aww, aren't they cute? And so coordinated. Wool hat and head scarf, check. matching white Ts and skinny black jeans, check. Shades, double check. OK, good to go.

Did they call each other and/or tweet, 'U R IN B&W?'

Westsidestory0903pp07 Guess the rumors about a split aren't true. They sure look still on!

Even though Camilla reportedly got friendly with that other studly British actor Ben Barnes in a recent Vanity Fair fashion shoot.

She played Maria to his Tony in a romantic photo re-creation of "West Side Story."

Man, we want Belle's luck.

How does she get Joe Jonas, Robert Pattinson AND Ben Barnes?

Leave two for us!

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Photo: Ben Barnes and Camilla Belle. Make it STOP! Credit: Vanity Fair

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead