We all knew this was coming. Kevin Federline is K-Fed Up. He wants primary custody of his kids. And the L.A .County Department of Children and Family Services is investigating his legal camp’s allegations against his ex-wife Britney Spears for failure to properly care for their two children.

According to TMZ, several people close to Spears, including a former nanny, manager, bodyguard and a sober companion are — or are about to be — subpoenaed in the investigation.

Kevinfeder_k_la_12690757_600Perhaps if Kevin got more custody — and maybe more money to care for his sons — he could do a bang-up job at brushing their teeth, fixing their food and getting them to bed on time. Why, with more of Brit’s money, he could afford to hire people to do all that and more.

As for Britney’s ability to care for her baby boys, we may never know the truth. But it does appear that she has trouble dressing herself, getting herself to bed at a decent hour and even brushing her own hair. Or maybe shaving one’s head and wearing a wig is simply a time-saving maneuver.

That said, Britney’s new fifth studio-produced album will be out in November. And last night her single "Gimme More," was leaked on TMZ and and officially released on New York radio station Z-100. The dance track begins with Miss Brit bravado.

And turns out all that time she recently spent with Las Vegas magic man Criss Angel may really have been about a collaboration. The New York Daily News reports that Britney may disappear several times during the MTV  Video Music Awards on Sept 9. thanks to Angel’s illusionist talents.

Hey, maybe he can make K-Fed disappear too.

Photo credits: FilmMagic

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead