justin bieber kanye west twitter Can Justin Bieber save Kanye West at the 2010 VMAs?Can Justin Bieber save Kanye West‘s damaged reputation?

Kanye had a bit of a career stall following that 2009 MTV Video Music Awards incident when he grabbed Taylor Swift‘s award and told the audience that it should have gone to Beyonce. He later blamed his actions on his mother’s death on “The Jay Leno Show.”

But Bieber — also one of Beyonce’s biggest fans — still loves him, so maybe we and all his millions of fans should too. The two performers recently bonded on Twitter over a mutual respect. Kanye loves Bieber’s new single and has even suggested they work together on some music.

West tweeted on Sunday (Aug 15) that he was listening to the Bieber song, “Run Away Love.” Shortly after posting, Bieber and West began tweeting back and forth.

“I’m kinda hyped you are listening to my stuff. Thank you. Nice Sunday morning,” Bieber replied to West. West replied that he was “bugged out me and @JustinBieber are tweeting at the same time.”

He then went on to ask Bieber if he would be interested in collaborating. Bieber said that he would definitely be interested in working with Kanye. West also suggested that rapper Raekwon be featured on the song.

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead