Thoughts on Holly Montag's drunken maid-of-honor speech and meltdown?

That was weird, no?

Well, we'd probably all be wasted and bitter if we had to toast our baby sister's lawful union with Spencer Pratt.

Was nice to see Spence apologize for all his past behavior though. Whether he means it or not, he made some sort of effort, which is kinda cool I guess. Think we'll see a changed man come next season?

And will "The Hills" continue to be a watercooler show without Lauren? Does the series need L.C. to survive or will Heidi, Spence and drama queen Kristin C. provide all the storyline we need?

I mean, her and Justin Bobby? Oh boy.

Let's poll it up…

"The Hills" sans Lauren…(online surveys)

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh