36102843 Can Oscar Accessory Overkill be stopped?

The Oscar show is over. The statues have been handed out. The viewer numbers are in.

And they’re not good. The beleaguered broadcast is losing viewers faster than Paris Hilton goes through boyfriends.

Now comes the onslaught of suggestions on how to fix the Oscars. Click HERE to read Patrick Goldstein’s Oscar face-lift advice.

In addition to revising/updating the actual awards telecast (Fewer lame musical numbers! More time for moving acceptance speeches!), are there are also changes that could make the Oscar fashion show more current and interesting to younger viewers?

Let’s review: The Oscar red carpet is the annual showcase for international designers to show off couture gowns and for jewelry companies to parade their ridiculously expensive necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches and earrings. 

OK, obviously we can’t lose the gowns. But the red carpet is a parade of over-accessorizing. All too often, actresses are advised to wear way more jewelry than they should. "How about a diamond brooch, bracelet, maybe a ring or six to go with that necklace?"

The results can be truely terrifying. Click HERE to see a gallery of 2008 Oscar Accessory Overload!

How about it? Next year, let’s try lightening up on the jewelry and accessories.

Without Bling Blindness, those purty gold statues might stand out better.

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead