Do I appear untrustworthy to you?

I ask because Lifetime sent out the screener DVD for the season premiere of "Project Runway" (Thursday at 10 p.m. on Lifetime) with the final ten minutes of the hour omitted. That means I didn’t see any of the debating among the judges (which, by the way, includes Lindsay Lohan as the first celebrity guest judge) nor did I get to see how the contestants defended themselves or their designs. By choosing to not provide critics with the full episode, they’ve made it nearly impossible to review the show. It would be like reviewing the season premiere of "Lost" when I've only seen three-fourths of the episode. And to be clear, I never would have told you who won or who was the first person voted off the show — why would ruin the fun for all of you? Okay I’m done with my rant. Just had to share.

So it was great to have Tim Gunn back saying those three magic words "make it work." And he's just as supportive as ever while still pushing the designers to do their best work. The show doesn’t appear that different now that it’s in Los Angeles — the workroom looks basically the same, so does the runway and they still go to Mode for all their fabric purchases. It's more bright and sunny and less gritty. But I don't think the designers will be getting outside much anyway. Because we know the show has been sitting around for nearly a year, something about it does seem a little stale to me but that could just be me projecting what I know about what went on behind the scenes onto the screen.

What concerns me the most is that the 16 designers, at first blush, appear to be kind of boring and their designs lackluster. Although I have to remind myself that Kenley wasn’t really Kenley until about midseason. But in the premiere, no one really popped like Santino Rice did right from the start — loved him or hated him, I knew who he was by the end of the hour.

Perhaps that’s why, Lifetime brought 16 former contestants together for "Project Runway: All-Star Challenge" (Thursday at 8 p.m.) – to remind us of how exciting the contestants could be. Daniel Vosovic (Season 2), Santino Rice (Season 2), Jeffrey Sebelia (Season 3), Uli Herzner (Season 3), Mychael Knight (Season 3), Chris March (Season 4), Sweet P (Season 4) and Korto Momolu (Season 5) all compete for $100,000. At this point, I’ m much more excited to see this than to find out who gets the boot on the new season of "Project Runway."

And if three hours of "Runway" isn’t enough for you, after the season premiere of "Project Runway," Lifetime will debut "Models of the Runway" at 11 p.m., which takes viewers behind the scenes of the models who wear the designs. (Lifetime didn’t make the "All-Star Challenge" or "Models of the Runway" available for review).

As you know I was so excited for the new season to finally begin. But now I’m feeling a little blah about the whole thing. Hopefully as the episodes progress both the personalities of the contestants and their designs will begin to pop and I’ll be hooked once again.

How about you? Are you excited for the season premiere of "Project Runway?" Talk about it below.

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Ask TV Gal

I was surprised that some sources on the Internet say the16 episodes of Monk, season 8, will run uninterrupted, so the show will not end somewhere in late spring but on December 4. Can you confirm? Bernd

Yes I can confirm that the series finale of "Monk" will air on December 4. I thought last Friday’s episode was stronger than the premiere episode. How about you guys?

Highlights of the Week Ahead

All times listed are eastern standard time for August 17-23.

I thought this was one of the more interesting "House" episodes from last season. Mos Def guest starred as Lee, a man suffering from locked-in syndrome. The majority of the episode was shot from Lee’s perspective. If you missed it, it's worth checking out. FOX repeats the episode Monday at 8 p.m.

We have our issues with "Nurse Jackie" (Monday, Showtime, 10:30 p.m.) but you really want to tune in tonight to see Victor Garber as a film critic in need of medical attention.

"HawthoRNe" has its "summer finale" Tuesday at 9 p.m. on TNT. And I think you know that TNT recently picked up the show for ten more episodes so we only saying a temporary goodbye to the show. I have to say I do think the show has started to improve. Especially in the later episodes. As tragic as last week’s episode was, I thought it was really good for the show that Christina couldn’t save the baby. My biggest problem is that Christina never does anything wrong. Or if she does do something wrong, it’s for the greater good of the patient. It can’t always be that the doctor wants to declare somebody dead but Christina keeps performing CPR and suddenly the patients springs back to life. The show is more entertaining when Christina isn’t perfect. I still think the other major problem is that Ray is really the only interesting supporting character. The show still needs to give more context to Michael Vartan’s Tom, which they are starting to do (sigh, thanks for having him speak French) but I want the context to be more than he might be romantically interested in Christina. The other thing the show has going for it is its great guest stars. It’s been fun for a TV lover like myself to have Judy Reyes ("Scrubs"), Reid Scott ("My Boys") and Sarah Lancaster ("Chuck") all in the same episode. In Tuesday’s finale, DB Woodside returns as Christina’s friend David. And once again, Christina will do everything she can to save her friend. The show still has work to do but it’s ending its season stronger than it was when it started. Do you agree? You can get a sneak peek at Tuesday’s episode by clicking here.

It’s also time for the summer finale of "Saving Grace" Tuesday at 10 p.m. on TNT. Last week the network announced the show would end next summer with a nine episode run. To get a look at Tuesday’s episode, click here.

So what did you think of the season premiere of "Mad Men" (Sunday, AMC, 10 p.m.)? I’m so curious. This week, Don (Jon Hamm) gets some unwelcome news at work while Betty deals with her ailing father.

That’s all for today. I’m back on Friday with this week’s quotes and familiar faces and to begin talking about the new fall season (it’s almost here!). Have a question? Seen a familiar face? Want to nominate a quote of the week or a topic for discussion? Write me at or follow me on Twitter. Talk to you on Friday.

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