This Sunday, HBO will air the eighth and final first season episode of Summer Heights High — a spoof documentary series focusing on three characters at an Australian high school — and if you haven’t yet seen the show, you should quickly correct that mistake.

Created by star Chris Lilley, who portrays three different people — a horribly obnoxious year 11 girl, a troubled year 8 boy and a delusional drama teacher — the comedy provides huge laughs… easily my favorite new series of the season.

If you’re already familiar with Summer Heights High and you know how spot-on brilliant Lilley is at playing each part, you’ll be happy to hear that this Sunday’s finale is a fitting end to the ridiculously funny saga you’ve been following so far.

A few spoilers? Someone we thought was dead is not… Mr. G will make a major announcement… Jonah really is being sent back to Tonga, but not before he leaves a lasting mark on the school… And remember Sebastian from year 7? He will resurface and someone we know is still super into that hot middle school a$$…

So do yourself a favor and watch this weekend, because we need to get Jonah out of Tonga for a season two of Summer Heights High right quick. Sir, please! Please, sir!

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh