kris jenner has an amazing stocked fridge gi Can we just talk about Kris Jenner's amazing OCD organized fridge?You guys, Kris Jenner has the most amazing, stocked fridge full of beverages you ever did see. Like, think of all the beverages you’d ever want to drink in the course of a month, then double it, then you might have the amount of liquids in that refrigerator.

“Since I had my first house, I STILL don’t understand why this makes me so happy to have my kitchen fridge organized like this, or why I can’t sleep at night when it’s not. #OCD #amIcrazy?! #neverstoporganizing #lovespringcleaninganditnotspring,” writes the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star on her Instagram along with a picture of her handiwork.

No, this isn’t breaking news or anything, but it IS worthy of admiration and praise. Let us take a moment of silence to marvel at Kris Jenner’s magical fridge before we all hop in the car to drive to 7-11 to buy an Orangina, because isn’t that stuff so good?! And don’t you always forget about it?!

Posted by:Jean Bentley