flashforward 320 Canceled shows: You want 'FlashForward' backBarring a last-minute (and rather large) surprise, “FlashForward” will air its final episode on May 27. And a lot of you aren’t happy about that.

As of 6 p.m. ET Thursday (May 20), “FlashForward” was the runaway leader in Zap2it’s canceled shows poll. The ABC series collected 41.1 percent of the 5,903 votes cast. The only other shows to reach double-digit support were “Ghost Whisperer” (17.2 percent) and “Law & Order” (10.8 percent).

Readers weren’t shy about sharing their opinions on the networks’ cancellations either. Here’s a sampling of some of the more than 60 comments the original post received:

I will miss Flashforward… I feel it didn’t get the chance it deserved, cr***y timeslot and the hiatus really hurt it…and they chose V over it…can we say IDIOTS!!! Will miss this show the most out of all the cancelled shows!!! 😦 – Trish

“Flash Forward” is easily one of the most novel and interesting shows on television with a fresh premise and unlimited potential. It’s smart and unlike anything else on television. Probably why it’s cancelled. I’ll definately miss “Flash Forward” the most on this list. I think it deserves a second season and I’m still in shock at the cancellation news. – montegutdude

Law and Order hands down. I can’t say I’ve been a huge fan in recent years but the show has been a tradition for a generation. That counts for something. And it managed to stay good even after all that time. Its demise once it made the 20 year mark was pretty much a done deal, but it’ll still be missed. Just think – when L&O started there wasn’t even an Internet to speak of! George Bush the first was president. – Alex

I don’t even watch Ghost Whisperer and I can;t believe they cancelled it. it makes no sense. the networks need to rethink their crap in the digital age. Shows like heroes have millions of viewers but they dont watch when it airs. Why should we be slaves to their schedule. All that should matter is that we watch. this seasons cancellations are a complete load of @#$%^ – moviewiz

What is CBS smoking? Why get rid of the number one show on Fridays. Do you know that most networks would kill to have great ratings on a Friday night. I hope another network picks this show up. ABC what were you think keeping V and cancelling Flash Forward? This show is really good. It should have never been put on a hiatus. There are shows on ABC that have the same numbers or less and they kept them. Flash Forward and Lost were the only shows I watched on ABC and after this season their gone, so you know what that means? So Long ABC!!! – Jesus saves

Law & Order – hands down! No honor among networks. This show brought millions to NBC. It deserves to at least be given a proper send-off with a 13-episode final season. What a bunch of knobs! I will NOT be watching LOLA. Blasted NBC. Those execs should be fired one by one! – Trevvy

I will miss Flashforward. Every show that I like always gets cancelled. I should just stick to reading books! Still missing Jericho in NW PA! – Swenciler

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Posted by:Rick Porter