Here we go with another episode of Survivor: Tocantins! There’s still a lot for CBS to unveil to us with this cast — we’ve barely met many of these castaways, and so far, we’ve had the promise of some strong personalities, but no great moments. Let’s all ask the TV gods for a little excitement, shall we!

Burn that idol up!! Jalapao has set in with a hallmark of Survivor early, and are eating termites like they’re Jalap(eno)ao poppers. You have to admire them for their mettle, let’s hope they sack up like that at the next challenge.

Sierra still feels like an outsider at Timbira, and approaching Brendan with the news about the hidden immunity idol seems like a good move. By all appearances, he’s a strong member of that tribe, and a good one to have on your side. When their search for the idol is discovered by Debbie, they say they are digging a fire pit. Quick thinking, but presumably they’ll have to turn the hole they’ve dug while searching for the idol into a home for a bonfire now. That sound you hear is me laughing my ass off!

Two exiles for the price of one. Here we go now, Coach is causing friction at camp, starting with Candace in this instance. He begins by arguing with her about food, then slides over to coming onto her like a college student at his first spring break. I can’t blame him for that, Candace is smoking hot, but you’d think he’d have less shame to his game at this point in his life. Well, actually, considering what I think of Coach with what little I’ve seen of him, maybe coming hot and heavy like that isn’t a surprise. Meanwhile, R’n’B star Taj lets slip the fact that she’s married to former NFL star Eddie George. Man, they didn’t have to twist her arm too hard to get that one out! You might have wanted to keep that under wraps for a little longer than four days in, hon.

At the challenge, everyone’s playing game of basketball/water polo for fishing equipment and immunity. Water flies, boobs flop out of bikini tops, and the rain starts to fall. It’s nice to have a challenge incorporating direct physical aggression to amp up the hostility between the tribes. After a hotly contested battle, Jalapao wins. They choose Brendan to go to Exile Island, and Jeff announces that Brendan will choose a member of the winning tribe to head into exile with him. He chooses Taj, and we will get to see how this new Survivor dynamic plays out.

Bonding and plotting. Jalapao breaks out their fishing equipment, and JT and Stephen strike up an unlikely friendship while catching dinner. At exile, Brendan is offered the opportunity to switch tribes and given a clue to a hidden immunity idol. Brendan elects to stay with his tribe, but he and Taj do some bonding of their own when he shares the immunity information with her, and she helps him figure out the clue. Unfortunately for Brendan, the news that there is an idol back at camp is news that he already has.

Elimination discussion begins at Timbira, and the fact that Candace and Coach have each other’s names in their mouths is a surprise to exactly no one. Personally, I think Coach will undoubtedly make this season more interesting and seeing as how I’m committed to watching the whole season, I say let’s make it an exciting one.

Timbira minus one.
Brendan returns to camp, and drops a lie on everyone else, telling them that Taj was the one who got the clue to the idol. He’s sitting pretty right now, with a shot at finding immunity, a potential alliance in the other camp, and everyone talking Candace or Coach to be the first Timbiran eliminated.

Darkness falls, and tribal council is populated by the Timbira tribe. Jeff presses the crew about the tribe’s relationship with Sierra, and she looks none too confident with her position. Brendan’s stay at Exile Island is discussed next, which leads into the questions of trust. No strong alliances appear to have been formed thus far, and no one is on the same page, except for one thing – Candace is eliminated by the tribe.

Candace, who appeared to do little to offend anyone, was voted out by a large margin. Is Coach taking control of this tribe already? If he does lead them to victory consistently, will that make it harder for me to dislike him as much as I’d like to? The tribes appear to me to be far more evenly matched than last season, so hopefully we’ll have more suspense to look forward week to week. @ Probst: let’s save the word “blindside” for the more dramatic eliminations. You’re not making episodes any more exciting, and you’re diminishing the impact of the word.

Posted by:Andrew Stubinski